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The dynamics of modern businesses have changed to such an extent that companies are forced to adapt to the new circumstances around them to stay ahead of their competition. The use of Cloud Hosting in any business brings about many advantages which ultimately lead to increased efficiency and productivity of the company’s employees. The moment your company embraces and advocates the use of Cloud-Based technology in the day-to-day running of the business is the moment it starts to grow!
At Weblankan, our technical engineers are able to curate customized Cloud-Based Solutions which are tailored to the exact needs and requirements of your company. By gaining leverage on high-end processors, coupled with top-notch memory and storage capabilities and state-of-the-art cloud security, you can rest assured that we’ve got the perfect type of cloud-based solutions for your business!

Many businesses are afraid to take the first step into Cloud Hosting due to the initial start-up costs as well as their uncertainty of cloud security. However, the initial start-up cost is considered as an investment as in the long-run the use of cloud-based hosting is extremely cheap to maintain and on the other hand, storing your company’s information and data on the cloud is twice as secure as keeping flies on a local, physical data base. Here are some other advantages of the Cloud.

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Working on your projects has never been easier! Cloud based Hosting gives way to easier and reliable access to data and information for every employee in your company. This reduces the time taken to start on projects and ultimately leads to an increased level of productivity.

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Unlike local databases, Cloud based Hosting also comes with almost zero maintenance of the system as everything is maintained within the cloud itself. If there are any amendments to be made, Weblankan has got you completely covered!

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When it comes to the growth of your business, the increased number of servers needed becomes an issue. However, with the Cloud, scaling the amount of hosting space needed is convenient as cloud technology can be adapted to the size of your business and tend to every growing requirement!

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Your company’s data and information need to be in a secure place at all times what the cloud has to offer. Cyber threats and security are carefully monitored and eradicated by cloud servers, thus protecting your data around the clock!

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Gone are the days where you will need to reserve a part of your office purely for the use of physical servers. Along with the many advantages of Cloud Servers comes the luxury of increased office space as now all of your data is stored securely above in the Cloud!

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In the long term, Cloud Servers prove to be more cost-friendly than local based servers. In addition to this, Cloud based Hosting also follows a ‘pay as you go’ system, where you only pay for specific features of the Cloud which you use.