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Every Business requires tailored software and we’ve got one just for you!


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Application Management

We help manage your applications, whether its in the cloud or even on your own premises!

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From software creation to maintenance, we take every step of the journey with you to ensure that your business can strive!

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Customized Software Solutions

That Help Drive Your Business!

Over the years, bespoke software development has proven to be an utmost necessity in any business, as such is required to adapt to the unique requirements that each business has. The use of Software has become a crucial element in the modern context of a company, but most businesses fail to understand its importance and as a result, are unable to solve complex problems.

At Weblankan, we offer custom software development for companies ranging from start-ups to multinationals. Whatever your requirement, we are dedicated to providing effective and sustainable solutions. At first, we first get to know your business better and after identifying the key objectives, we design, develop and deploy custom software solutions. Our dedicated team is passionate about delivering innovative and up-to-date software products that ensure an excellent customer experience. Our software products are driven by innovative strategies and backed with powerful results!

The result-oriented process at Weblankan, helps develop top-notch

software to meet your company’s every need!

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At Weblankan, we tailor software to a wide spectrum of individual businesses who require personalised solutions. Our client base covers an array of customers who benefit from our expertise in bespoke software and range from small start-ups to large enterprises!

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Start-up Businesses

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An Agile Process.

When it comes to the development of a software, frequent communication and complete transparency is what really makes us create an innovative solution for you. At Weblankan we follow the Agile Process when it comes to Bespoke Software development which is a software engineering framework that strives on iterative development throughout the lifecycle of your project.

The Agile methodology follows a strict project management process which involves a high level of planning at each step of the development of the software, followed by designing, developing, Testing, Releasing and ultimately gaining your feedback for further improvement! It encourages a high level of coordination and communication between the development team at Weblankan as well as your business, which gives way to a rapid delivery of high-quality software solutions!

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Project Management Tools.

Project Management tools consist of a complex set of features which help really boost efficiency and productivity when it comes to developing software for your company. If you already have a set of tools which are already in use, we will be happy to work with these as well.

At Weblankan, the main project management tools that we use to ensure that you get the best service possible ranges from applications such as Trello, Time Doctor & Skype for Business. These tools not only help us to develop bespoke software in the best way possible, but it also ensures that our clients absolutely no hiccups when it comes to using such software in their workplaces.

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Time Tracking

With the use of Time tracking software, we enable ourselves to stick to strict deadlines to ensure that we are able to deliver reliable and powerful software solutions whenever you need it! Time tracking also plays a major role in terms of identifying problems in the software development process and optimizing such issues to ensure that customers get the best software possible.

At Weblankan, the use of Time tracking software over a large period of time has allowed us to optimise our Bespoke Software development process to one of the best standards in the country, thus enabling us to serve your company in the best way possible!

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Fuelled by Powerful

At Weblankan, we use the most modern and innovative pieces of technology to help serve you better!

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Our Case Studies

Ultra Tech

UltraTech Cement Lanka (Pvt) Ltd is a joint venture between UltraTech Cement-India and Ceylinco Insurance PLC in Sri Lanka.  Located in Peliyagoda, UltraTech has a wide dealer network that covers the entire island.

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Everyone struggles when they are in need to find a skilled laborer for day-to-day chores. Whether we need a plumber, painter, carpenter or electrician, we find it difficult to find the best match for our requirement at the right time. At the same time, many skilled laborers in the local areas struggle to find a source of income by selling their skills. Particularly for the skilled laborers in remote areas, the only mode of promotion of their skills is by word of mouth. mobile app

Wijesekara Construction

Wijesekara Construction is a construction company that handles construction sites around the island. As the construction company is rapidly advancing with the latest technology, their main priority was to revolutionize their operational procedure.

wijesekara construction logo