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Digital marketing agencies are the equivalent of marketing and advertising agencies, but on a different platform – via the internet. It is a company that creates strategies aimed to connect and build relationships with their customers, through the internet, across different areas such as social media, search engines, and other online platforms. As a digital marketing agency in Sri Lanka, we recognize that digital tactics have become an essential component of every company’s marketing strategy. Creating a high-quality customer-oriented website is no longer enough to sustain your online presence and reputation.

Digital marketing strategies have become more advanced & versatile today than in the past requiring professional knowledge & skills to initiate & maintain.

We understand that each business has its unique objectives. And in order to leverage online resources to achieve those objectives, it’s essential to have a carefully planned and well-executed Digital marketing strategy that connects the specific business & market requirements.

As one of the leading digital marketing agencies in Sri Lanka, we make 360 analyses of your business and the business objectives, and then we will create a strategy that ensures every digital marketing channel is working towards the same goals. This way, you can harness the best value out of the digital technologies available to turn your potential visitors into long-term customers. Partner with one of the top advertising agencies in Sri Lanka and accelerate your brand growth online and increase your digital marketing returns.

Vasan Health Care

Vasan Eye Care Hospital is Sri Lanka's first ever one-stop hospital to meet all the eye care needs of patients, such as consultations, and laboratory investigations. We helped build platforms to connect their audience to uplift brand, increase sales, and drive website traffic.

Indra Traders

One of the best car dealers in Sri Lanka with a network of 16 branches and 6 service centers. We helped create great content to their social media profiles, listened & engaged with followers, analyzed the results, and initiated social media adverts.


Thilakawardhana Online (Pvt) Ltd is an accessible department store within Sri Lanka with diversified product range from apparel, accessories, appliances, mobile devices & more. By sharing creative content on social media to generate traffic to their websites thereby increasing sales.

Certis Lanka Security Solutions

Certis Lanka is the pioneering security solutions provider in Sri Lanka. Specializing in integrated security, technology and consultancy, secure logistics, home nursing and courier services. We helped increase reach & engagement by running highly-targeted social media ads.

Chamathka Jewellers

Chamathka Jewellers has been trusted for years as the go-to brand name for affordable yet luxury silver jewellery. Operating with more than 20 branches. Increase brand awareness by spreading the word about its products and mission through social channels.

Premasiri Mini Super

Conveniently located by the side of the main road a mini mart to buy all your daily needs. With the proper social media marketing strategy Premasiri Mini Super was able generate conversation about its brand, products, and partners.

Pearl Grand By Rathna

Enjoy all that Colombo has with a stay at Pearl Grand by Rathna, with its convenient location close to the city center. The hotel offers easy access to many hotspots in close vicinity. SMM is a great way to share your brand’s mission and share stories which has a great impact on your brand’s image.

Sriyani Dress Point Sri Lanka

The premium online shopping site to explore fashionable range of men's & women's clothing. One-stop destination to discover the latest trends in women's fashion and men's fashion. We helped direct Customers to follow and interact with the brand and thereby built customer loyalty.

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digital marketing agency sri lanka


Our process is simple and transparent. From the initial step to the final step, our well-experienced and friendly team is here to guide you until you achieve the desired goals of your brand.

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digital marketing agency sri lanka


Conducting a comprehensive audit & analysis of your current online & offline marketing objectives, market potential, ideal customers, available budget, industry and competitive analysis, etc
We start asking such questions as

  • What is the purpose of this marketing plan?
  • What are your goals? What are your objectives?
  • What marketing challenges have you faced?
  • Who are your ideal customers and how can you attract them?
  • Where do potential buyers look for companies like yours?
  • How much should you invest in a marketing programme?
  • How is this marketing programme going to provide a positive ROI?
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digital marketing agency sri lanka


A tailored digital marketing strategy targeted to achieve your desired objective is developed specifically for your business based upon the combined analysis of the research, experience and best practices. Optimizing multiple social media & search marketing strategies to bring new and qualified visitors to your site

  • Optimizing Social Media Channels
  • Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaigns
  • Leveraging SEO Best Practices
  • Landing Page & Conversion Optimization
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digital marketing agency sri lanka


Creating sharable content your targeted customers seek and want builds their trust and, over time, becomes raving fans of your brand.

  • Developing compelling & sharable content
  • SEO optimized content for better result across search & social media channels
  • Strategically promote your content across the digital landscape to generate engagement and connection with your customers.
  • All design and creative concepts take shape at this point using the Digital Marketing Strategy as a blueprint, much like the plans of an architect are used to build a house
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digital marketing agency sri lanka


  • Integrated digital marketing
  • utilizing multi-channel communication
  • Automated marketing campaigns to optimal effectiveness
  • Scheduling for the best time to initiate the communication
  • Maintain a consistent engaging message
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digital marketing agency sri lanka


“Most important metrics measured, evaluated and optimized ”

  • Traffic Statistics
  • SEO Success
  • PPC Costs and Rates
  • Blogging Effectiveness
  • Social Media Audience Size and Growth
  • Email Subscribers
web design company sri lanka


Social media is a fabulous opportunity to connect with your existing and prospective customers, and engage with those who will shout about your product/brand and it’s now an important factor in ranking well in search engines. However, first you need to earn the trust and respect of your social audience by adding value to their lives via social interactions & interesting content. It’s also one of the most rapidly changing marketing channels, with new features and updates constantly being released by the likes of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Pinterest, It can be hard to keep up, or even know where to start! That’s the job of our social media team who have all the experience needed to make the most of your profiles – whatever the nature of your business.