Wijesekara Construction

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Introduction about the company

Wijesekara Construction (Pvt) Ltd is a leading real estate building and construction company located in Sri Lanka. It handles road-based construction sites around the country. Wijesekara Construction partnered with Weblankan, a leading software and mobile app developer, to improve organisational procedures and address long-standing challenges and issues the company faced.

The issues faced by Wijesekara constructions

The construction industry is a rapidly evolving industry that moves forward with advanced technologies. Construction sites now operate remotely, so there was a critical need to improve internal processes and strategies to ensure positive outcomes for the company. At the time when the client approached us, multiple supervisors were assigned to each construction site located around the country. This created a huge cost for the company for the salaries of the multiple supervisors. The supervisors manually updated the entire process for every individual site.

For example, the clock in and the clock out time of each employee had to be recorded manually by the supervisors. Employees must request leave from their supervisors, who then need to inform the head office. However, this process is time-consuming. Sometimes, if there is a communication gap between the officers, it can cause disputes among the employees. The supervisors also had to handle payments of the employees, keeping records of all the advance payment requests of each employee.

The supervisors were also responsible for keeping track of the materials and resources. The purchased amount used and the balance amount of the materials needed to be updated manually each day by the supervisors.
As some machinery is rented for daily usage, the company has to pay the charge for the number of hours it is used. It was difficult for the supervisors to enter all the details of the rented machinery manually.

Furthermore, skilled labour and certain services are employed on a temporary basis. Therefore, payments have to be made daily on an hourly basis for temporary labour usage and temporary services usage. This is another critical challenge faced by the supervisors.

Wijesekara Constructions faces various challenges, and we aim to find solutions that enable the company to overcome those challenges and drive business growth.

Objectives of the project

The client partnered with Web Lankan to revolutionize the overall process. The following are the key objectives that were outlined at the beginning of the project.

  • Reduce unnecessary costs
  • Reduce time consumption
  • Avoid communication gap between the staff members
  • Optimize the internal process
  • Improved decision making

Web Lankan took on this challenge, creating a highly responsive web application. Through this web application, the supervisors can mark the attendance of each employee easily by taking a photo of the particular person. All the web applications are linked to the main site and the details can be accessed by the entire management team. This avoids unnecessary communication gaps between the staff members of each construction site.

Through this innovative platform, managers can keep a track of all the resources and materials easily. They can get the livestock update of each site separately without any delay. The details related to the purchased quantity, used quantity and the remaining quantity of materials can be checked by the managers of any site. Managers can also calculate the time allocated for each piece of machinery easily. This feature makes calculating machinery payments a breeze. Moreover, managers can check the total work summary of each construction site, and make important decisions by analysing the details.

All the details about temporary labour usage and temporary services usage also can be entered into the system. These details of each construction site can be accessed easily by the entire management team and this helps in cost calculation and payment calculation.
In this way, this innovative product helped in transforming the overall internal process and bringing a positive impact on the organisational process.

The overall process of the web application

The supervisors of each construction site have the mobile application downloaded to their mobile phones. The mobile applications are linked together and the managers can access the details through the web application. The supervisors and the managers have to log in to their profile and they can find various options available on the dashboard of the web application.
The dashboard of the web application features the following options.

  • Employee
  • Manual sync
  • Attendance
  • Leave request
  • Advance payment request
  • Machinery usage
  • Temporary labor usage
  • Temporary services usage
  • Bill of quantities
  • Received material
  • Total work summary


The supervisors can enter all the details related to employee attendance, leave requests, advance payment requests, machinery usage, temporary labor and services usage, and received material to the system and the managers can access all the details easily. These details can be analyzed by the management team to make decisions about the next day.

The technologies used in the web application

The web application was developed using the latest technology. NodeJS, React JS and Mongo DB are some of the technologies used in web applications. The carefully created UI design provides a user-friendly experience. The visually appealing design of the web application is created to suit the brand colors. The well-designed dashboard features ease of use and easy navigation.

The outcomes of the project and the benefits achieved by the company

The development of the web application immediately saw a positive impact on the internal process of the company. The internal process has been changed significantly in a positive way and the web application was influential in achieving the key objectives of the company.

The management team could handle the internal process effectively at a lesser cost and time. Unnecessary labor costs could be eliminated as the overall process was digitalized. The web application facilitates improved decision-making, that drives business growth. As the entire internal process was digitalized, the unnecessary documentation process was eliminated. The transformation of the internal process also facilitated in enhancement of the efficiency of the employees.