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Introduction about the company

UltraTech Cement Ltd. is India’s largest manufacturer of cement, that produces a vast variety of cement including grey cement, Ready Mix Concrete (RMC) and white cement in India. It is also a major globally renowned cement brand name, that has been trusted by global consumers for decades.

UltraTech Cement Lanka (Pvt) Ltd is a joint venture between UltraTech Cement-India which is part of the US $ 43 billion Aditya Birla Group and Ceylinco Insurance PLC in Sri Lanka. It is the foremost cement producer in Sri Lanka with a strong dealership network.

Issues faced by UltraTech

One of the major challenges faced by the management team of the company was the absence of a proper operating system to handle the group of lorries that come to the factory premises to purchase cement daily. Generally, the lorry drivers would come without booking an appointment, at a convenient time for them. Therefore, bout 50 lorries would come to the factory premises and the lorry drivers have to wait there for 2-3- days as the company could not handle that many sales daily. The lorry queue blocks the entire road area as the company is located on a narrow road, and this would cause trouble for the villagers.

When the lorry drivers have to wait for days in the factory premises, they have to face numerous struggles.

They are unable to go anywhere else by parking the lorry in the queue, as the robbers in the area would break and steal parts of the lorries or take out petrol from the lorries when the lorry drivers are not around. This has caused several disputes recently and the security officers of the company also find it difficult to solve when such a dispute arises.

Sometimes, even though the lorry drivers wait for days to purchase cement, they are unable to purchase the required amount of cement due to the unavailability of stock. As the internal process of the company was not properly maintained, the company could not check the availability of stock beforehand.

Objectives of the project

Our client approached us to come up with a solution for these challenges the company was currently facing. The solution was to design and develop a web application that facilitates effective sales of the company.

These are the key objectives of the innovative web application.

  • Save the time of the customers and staff
  • Proper management of stock
  • Proper communication with the customers
  • Improved decision making

A well-integrated web application was developed by Web Lankan to provide
solutions for the challenges faced by UltraTech Cement. This web application features a token management system that enables customers to book a token at a time convenient for them. When the customers log into the token management system, they have to enter all the details including the dealer’s name, city, required cement quantity, vehicle number, driver’s name, driver’s mobile number, driver’s license number or the ID number and the preferred payment method. After entering these details, they can pick a convenient date and time from the available slots and book their appointment.

The admins can decide and manage the number of tokens they are issuing for the day in the token management system. According to the production capacity for the day, the management team can increase or decrease the number of tokens they issue. If the factory is not functioning on a particular day, the management team can remove all the tokens.

After the customers submitted their inquiries, the regional managers and executive officers can review and confirm the orders. The token management system also enables the management team to get real-time stock updates and check the total amount of items the customers require. As a result, the managers can make sure that every customer can get the required quantity of cement.

The overall process of the web application

The customers have to get themselves registered at the token management system by coordinating with the executive officers of UltraTech. After they get registered, they are provided with login credentials that include the username and the password. The customers can log in to the Token Management System by entering the username and password they provided at the time of registration.

Once they are logged in to the system, they have to enter the required information including the dealer’s name, city, required cement quantity, vehicle number, driver’s name, driver’s mobile number, driver’s license number or ID nor and the preferred payment method. When all these details are filled out, the customer is directed to the token booking slide. The customer can select a convenient time and date from the available time slots.

When the customer made the appointment, they get an SMS on their mobile phone informing them about the estimated load time. At the entrance to the factory, the customer has to show the SMS and get verified by the security officer. The lorries are allowed to enter the factory only after being verified by the security officers.

The technologies used in the web application

The whole design and development of the web application were carried out by the Web Lankan team with attention to detail. The UI design was implemented to match the brand’s colour palette. The web application features enhanced responsiveness and easy navigation.

The outcomes of the project and the benefits achieved by the company

The development of the UltraTech web application marked a cornerstone in the company’s history as it had a huge impact on enhancing the efficiency of the overall internal process of the company. This web application is innovative as this web application helped in the digitalization of the entire organizational process.

The token management system helped the company to achieve its key objectives. It resulted in saving time and cost for the customers as well as the staff. The properly handled internal process assisted in making informed decisions. This has also resulted in generating more revenue for the company and enhancing the credibility of the brand.