Thilakawardhana Textiles

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Introduction about the company

Thilakawardhana Textiles is one of the largest online shopping platforms in Sri Lanka. Thilakawardhana e-commerce site is a one-stop destination that offers a wide range of stylish clothing, toys, accessories, shoes and many more.

The website features the following categories.

  • Men’s clothing and accessories
  • Women’s clothing and accessories
  • Kid’s clothing
  • Bags and shoes
  • Mother and baby care products
  • Household essentials
  • Health and beauty products
  • Toys and games
  • Mobile phones
  • Gift vouchers
Issues faced by the company

One of the critical challenges faced by Thilakawardhana Textiles was that the company and the shipping company were not linked together. This has increased the workload of both companies. The whole process was time-consuming and costly for both companies. When a customer placed an order through the website, the staff of Thilakawardhana Textiles had to record all the details and provide the details to the shipping company separately. As the company gets a significant number of orders through the e-commerce site, the workload of the employees was enormous. The e-commerce site gets orders from every corner of the country and daily a huge number of orders have to be delivered to customers in various locations of the country.

Furthermore, if there is any sort of communication gap between the employees of Thilakawardhana Textiles or the shipping company or a delay in communication between the two parties, the sales could not be performed on time. In addition, the client wanted to develop a back-end process, that enables the staff to place the orders on behalf of the customers from the back end of the site.

The client approached us to find the best solution to overcome these challenges the company was facing for years.

Objectives of the project

Our primary objective was to find out a solution for these challenges the company was currently facing. The solution was to develop a revamp that facilitates effective sales and brand growth.

  • These are the key objectives of the project.
  • Enhance the effectiveness of the internal process
  • Avoid unnecessary costs on sales
  • Reduce the workload of both Thilakawardhana Textiles and the shipping company
  • Avoid communication gap
Solution for the identified issues

The back end of the website is integrated with the particular shipping company that is responsible for the delivery of the orders, for effective shipping management. When the order is ready to be delivered to the customer, a message goes directly to the shipping company through the system. When the order is dispatched from the warehouse, a bar code that includes all the delivery details is attached to the packaging of the order.

In this way, the shipping company gets the entire list of all the orders that need to be delivered for the day. So the shipping company team has only to read the bar codes and arrange and deliver the orders accordingly.
The website revamps also enable the staff of Thilakawardhana Textiles to place orders from the back end of the website. When a customer doesn’t know how to place an order through the e-commerce site, the staff members can place the order on their behalf of them.

The process of the e-commerce site

Thilakawardhana’s e-commerce site revamp enables customers from every corner of the country to purchase various products online, from the comfort of their homes and get the orders delivered to their doorstep. All they have to do is visit the website and add the items they wish to purchase to the cart. After the items are added to the cart, they can proceed to checkout. They have to enter all the details regarding delivery and payment options accurately to place the order. The customers can pay online through the payment options available or they can choose to pay in cash at the time of the delivery. After the order is placed, the order will be delivered to the doorstep through the local courier service provider. If the customers are not satisfied with the purchased products, they can return and exchange for a new product online through the e-commerce site.

The customers also can place an order over the phone. They can contact Thilakawardhana Textiles through the hotline number or else they can place the order through social media. When a customer wants to place an order in this way, the staff members of Thilakawardhana Textiles can place the order through the back-end module. When the orders are placed either through the e-commerce site or the back end of the website, a list of all the orders goes to the shipping company. As the bar codes including the delivery information are attached to the packaging of the orders, the staff members of the shipping company do not have to sort out the orders. All they have to do is scan the bar codes and check whether the orders tally with the list and deliver the orders to the respective clients.

Technologies used in the e-commerce site

Thilakawardhana Textiles e-commerce site was developed using advanced technologies to deliver a user-friendly shopping experience to customers from every corner of Sri Lanka. The design and development of the new e-commerce site were carried out by the Weblankan team with attention to all the requirements of the client. The UI design was implemented with a fresh, brand-new look to appeal to the targeted audience. This website also features enhanced responsiveness and easy navigation.

The outcomes of the project

Thilakawardhana Textiles e-commerce revamp played a critical role in achieving the objectives. The new e-commerce site has contributed effectively to enhancing the internal process of the company. The workload of both companies has been significantly reduced through the innovative shipping management process. As the documentation process has been reduced, it has increased the efficiency of the staff members of both Thilakawardhana and the shipping company.

As the sales are properly handled by both Thilakawardhana Textiles and the shipping company, the sales conversion rate has also increased relatively. Overall, more revenue has been generated through the new e-commerce site when compared with previous years.