Siyapatha Finance

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Introduction about the company

Siyapatha Finance PLC, previously called Sampath Leasing & Factoring Limited, is a subsidiary of Sampath Bank PLC. It was created in March 2005 as a leasing company regulated by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka (CBSL). Its main focus is serving the SME/Retail customer segment. Siyapatha Finance, the largest subsidiary of Sampath Bank, was rebranded in September 2013 after receiving a finance company licence from the Central Bank of Sri Lanka.

Issues faced by Siyapatha Finance
  • As a financial services provider, the company lacked a website that made a lasting impression for their customers.
  • The website lacked important information which is crucial to keep customers informed.
Objectives of the project

As a leading web development company, Web Lankan developed a well-integrated web application in order to provide solutions for the challenges faced by Siyapatha Finance.

  • They also wanted a detailed description of products & services focused on their company‚Äôs benefits.
  • Siyapatha aims to cater to a multi-lingual audience.

A well-integrated website was developed by Web Lankan in order to provide solutions for the challenges faced by Siyapatha Finance. The new site for the company was produced in response to the customer’s request. Designed and developed this one-of-a-kind website with the help of our in-house web development and design teams. The team was able to integrate an inbuilt calculator for ease of customer use into the website. In addition, the team successfully integrated the comprehensive content of the website in 3 different languages developed completely in native writing.

The technologies used in the website

The whole design and development of the web application was carried out by the Web Lankan team with attention to detail. WordPress, PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, MySQL, hosted in an AWS environment with high infrastructure were applied and used appropriately for the betterment of the website.

The outcomes of the project and the benefits achieved by the company

Following this, Web Lankan gradually updated the website design and responsiveness for the rest of the site. The website achieved a wider reach which was the ultimate goal of the company. The audience received ample information about the services provided by Siyapatha, virtually rather than having to physically visit the branch. To keep their visitors interested, they offered pop-ups, calls to action, and links to and from Siyaptha Finance. Additionally, the revamped website accurately reflected the new multilingual option of Siyaptha Finance, and we were delighted to be a part of such a remarkable endeavour.