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Introduction about the company

SISENCO is an institute formed by Mr. Pradeep Wijesiriwardhana, who teaches the Korean language to learners from all over the country. Mr. Wijesiriwardhana partnered with Web Lankan to enhance the efficiency of the organizational procedure and solve some of the critical challenges to be faced.

Objectives of the project

The client partnered with Web Lankan to revolutionize the overall process. The following are the key objectives that were outlined at the beginning of the project.

  • To have a student registration platform
  • The requirement of an inbuilt language translating option
  • The availability of study materials
  • The ability to take an exam with a click of a button and obtain immediate results.
  • To view class sessions conducted.
  • To be able to follow the course details.
  • To introduce “the word of the day” for educational purposes.

Web Lankan took on this challenge, creating a highly responsive web application and supporting website. Through this web application, students are able to register into the application, thereby creating a database for the institute. All the web applications are linked to the main site and the details can be accessed by the entire management team.


Once a student has registered in the application, they will have access to all of the various built-in features. The built-in translation program allows anyone to enter in any word and have it translated into Korean at the click of a button. Furthermore, the app allows students to participate in language exams and obtain fast results. It also contains a variety of study materials that any registered student can access. The app also includes links to different class sessions led by the Institute’s lecturers. Furthermore, students can read more information about the courses that are available as well as extensive information about the same. To better satisfy the students’ interests, the app has a “korean word of the day” feature, where students can acquire a new vocabulary term every day.


Unlike the mobile app, all of the above options are freely available to the public on their website without the need to register.

The technologies used in the web application

The online application was created using cutting-edge technologies. Some of the technologies utilised for web application development are NodeJS, ReactJS, NextJS, and MongoDB. Flutter was utilised by Mobile Technology for the development of Android and iOS apps. AWS environments with high infrastructure and Firebase Services were used for services. The web application’s aesthetically appealing design is built to match the brand colours.

The outcomes of the project and the benefits achieved by the company

The construction of the app and website had an immediate positive impact on the Institute’s workflow. The app’s user friendliness has resulted in a large increase in student registrations. The cumbersome documentation process was eliminated as the entire operation was digitalized. The internal process change also aided in the improvement of the efficiency of both students and lecturers.