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Introduction about the company

NSBM Green University Town is the first ever green university in South Asia and sets an example for the whole South Asia by paving the way for environmental sustainability. The university is open for both national and international student community and it has turned a new chapter in Sri Lankan higher education.

Currently around 9000 students are studying at the university and the highly qualified local and foreign lecturers who teach at the university. This state-of-the-art university offers nationally and internationally recognized, UGC approved degree programmes and foreign degree programmes in three faculties: Management, Computing and Engineering.

Issues faced by NSBM

The key issue faced by the University is the lack of inquiries. The university wanted a clear route to success, including improving website design, more content flexibility, better visibility and promotion, and attracting more students with ease. The administrators of the University were further faced with the burden of continuous following ups with the developers each time they wanted to update and maintain the website. The university required their site to attract prospective students while also catering to the diverse needs of current students, departments, faculty, parents, and alumni.

Objectives of the project

After many discussions to gather all the crucial information we needed to get started, we focused on several main angles.

  • Focusing on prospective students
  • Back end content flexibility
  • The ability to add/remove courses and related details
  • Creation of sub websites
  • Optimized and SEO friendly website creation

A well-integrated web application was developed by Web Lankan in order to provide solutions for the challenges faced by NSBM. The new revamp site integrates perfectly to form a seamless user journey. A comprehensive SEO strategy also ensured all updated URLs were mapped and redirected effectively so the university could maintain its vital search engine rankings. With the site not generating any traffic meant that valuable potential students and university revenue were lost.

The nature of an university is when the level of information students require is immense and constantly changing. After collaborating with Web Lankan, we provide admin the tools to streamline and be in charge of content updates. Admin now has the ability to approve page updates, change banners, update news and events, or any additions from university easily with our content governance system.

The technologies used in the website

The whole design and development of the web application were carried out by the Web Lankan team with attention to detail. WordPress, PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, MySQL, hosted in AWS environment with high infrastructure were applied and used appropriately for the betterment of the website.

The outcomes of the project and the benefits achieved by the company

Following this, Web Lankan gradually updated the website design and responsivity for the rest of the site. The new changes have also made it easier for staff to maintain and operate the website in the back-end, with options to promote priority content and course details. The site also achieved a Gold award for Best higher Education website in 2017, Silver award for University and Education Institute Category Winners in 2020 & 2021, Merit award for University and Education Institute Category Winners in 2022, and now has numerous new potential inquiries and traffic to the site. The NSBM site has improved user experience for current and prospective students.