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Introduction about the company

Informatics Institute of Technology (IIT) is the first private higher education institute to award reputed British degrees in the field of Information Communication Technology (ICT) and professional business. Currently, the institute has delivered more than 3000 graduates who play pivotal roles in well-reputed companies in the local and international arena.

Issues faced by IIT

Major issues faced by IIT were the low number of inquiries and difficulty in updating content easily. They wanted to enhance the look and feel of the website design and achieve more content flexibility and better visibility. Rectifying these issues was critical to getting more inquiries from students.

Objectives of the Project

After discussing with the team, we identified several aspects that need to be focused on.

  • Focusing on prospective students
  • Back-end content flexibility
  • The ability to add/remove courses and related details
  • Optimized and SEO-friendly website creation

Our team developed a visually appealing yet powerful website in order to cater to the challenges faced by IIT. The new website seamlessly blends in to create a pleasant user experience. In addition, a thorough SEO plan made sure that all modified URLs were properly mapped and redirected, allowing the university to keep its crucial search engine rankings. As the university needed to update a vast amount of information on a regular basis, we provided the admin with the resources they needed to manage and expedite content revisions. The administrator can now authorize page edits, alter banners, update events and announcements conveniently from their end.

The Technologies used in the Website

Our team meticulously worked on the web application’s whole design and development process. Technologies such as WordPress, PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, MySQL, and AWS environments were used in the development of the website to ensure fast loading speed, advanced security, and performance.