Fashion Bug

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Introduction about the company

Fashion Bug is one of the largest online shopping platforms in Sri Lanka. Fashion Bug e-commerce site is a one-stop destination that offers a wide range of men’s clothing, women’s clothing, kids’ clothing, toys, accessories, shoes and many more. The company boasts of 16 outlets that are located across the country. Fashion Bug was recognized as the 4th best e-commerce brand in Sri Lanka.

The website features the following categories.

  • Men’s clothing
  • Women’s clothing
  • Kid’s clothing and baby products
  • Home and lifestyle products
  • Health and beauty items
  • Toys and games
  • Gift vouchers
Issues faced by the company

One of the major challenges faced by the company was that the previous Fashion Bug e-commerce site functioned only for a few countries. Customers from a limited number of countries could only purchase products through the e-commerce site. This has limited the brand growth and sales.

The stock management of the e-commerce site was not also properly functioning in the previous e-commerce site. The loading speed of the website was also not fast because of the number of products in the inventory.

Moreover, there were not sufficient amount payment gateways on the previous e-commerce site. This has limited the number of customers who can purchase from the e-commerce site. Moreover, there was not a gift-wrapping option on the Fashion Bug site. The client approached us intending to enhance the sales areas to a range of countries across the globe and find solutions for the other issues faced by the company.

Objectives of the project

Our primary objective was to find out a solution for these challenges the company was currently facing. The solution was to develop a revamp that enhanced brand visibility and promote brand growth.

These are the key objectives behind the website revamp.

  • Enhancing brand visibility
  • Generate more sales from the international customers
  • Drive more traffic to the website
  • Improve sales conversion rate
  • Increase the website loading speed
Solution for the identified issues

Identifying the key requirements of the client, the website revamp was implemented by our team. The Fashion Bug e-commerce site revamp features an international shipping option. With this feature, customers from any country around the world can purchase products through the e-commerce site. The e-commerce site also features multiple payment gateway functions. Foreign customers can purchase products in USD and Sri Lankan customers can purchase goods from Rs. This option is identified when customers visit the website. The system identifies the geolocation through the IP of the computer and shows the payment option according to the geolocation. Some payment gateways are removed, when the website visitors log from their IPs.

The process of the e-commerce site

Fashion Bug’s e-commerce site revamp enables global customers to purchase various products online, from the comfort of their homes and get the orders delivered to their doorstep. All they have to do is visit the website and add the items they wish to purchase to the cart. After the items are added to the cart, they can proceed to checkout. They have to enter all the details regarding delivery and payment options from the available payment gateways and place the order. Customers can pay online through multiple payment options or they can pay in cash at the time of the delivery. After the order is placed, the order will be delivered to the doorstep through the local courier service or the international delivery service providers. If the customers are not satisfied with the purchased products, they can return and exchange for a new product online through the e-commerce site.

The spinning wheel option is another special feature of the Fashion Bug e-commerce site. This feature was developed to offer discounts to the customers. When the customers spin the wheel, they are given various discount percentages along with a code. The customers can enter the code at the checkout and can enjoy the off on their total bill. The management can also add the discount percentage as they wish. The spinning wheel option is given only to customers who visit the website for the first time. This can be used for every type of discount as well. At the checkout, the customers are given the gift-wrapping option as well.

Technologies used in the e-commerce site

State-of-the-art technologies were used in developing the Fashion Bug e-commerce site revamp. The Fashion Bug revamp was developed by integrating the woo-commerce store and ERP for stock management. On the Fashion Bug e-commerce site, there are 2-word press servers. Both these word press servers are implemented for auto-scaling. They are attached to the Application Load Balancer as well. The database is made as Aurora Custer. They work as replica dp and failover.

S3 bucket integration is used in the architecture of this e-commerce site. S3 bucket integration helps in loading optimization and increasing the loading speed of the entire website. Amazon S3 and Amazon EFS are the technologies used for storage. Amazon S3 is used for the static content of the website.

The design and development of the new e-commerce site were carried out by the Web Lankan team with attention to all the requirements of the client. The UI design was implemented with a fresh, brand-new look to appeal to the targeted audience. This website also features enhanced responsiveness and easy navigation. The website was developed using the latest technologies to deliver a user-friendly shopping experience to customers from every corner of the world.

The outcomes of the project

The Fashion Bug e-commerce site revamp has contributed significantly to brand growth recently. As it has enhanced brand visibility and reached customers across the globe, it has generated more revenue since the launch of the new e-commerce site. The revamp has transformed the internal process of the company facilitating effective internal process and employee efficiency. The revamp has also assisted in the effective stock management of the company. Furthermore, unnecessary costs have been reduced in various aspects.