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Introduction about the company is an initiative of Dr. G.L. Introducing Wijesinghe. It establishes a bridge between those who want to find skilled labourers and those who want to sell their skills in Sri Lanka. This web application creates a platform where local service providers can promote their services and clients can obtain their services within their budget.

Issues behind the innovation

Even though there are highly skilled labourers in the rural areas of Sri Lanka, they are unable to promote their services. In these areas, the only mode of promoting these services is through oral communication. Many skilled people in rural areas are unable to find job opportunities due to this reason. Even if they find job opportunities, they are unable to sell their service according to their salary expectations. Not only in the rural areas, skilled people from Colombo and suburbs also find it difficult to find an income through their skills. This situation results in an increasing rate of unemployment in the country.


When considered from the perspective of the clients, many people face struggles when they need to get the various jobs done. Finding professional service providers who offer value for money can be difficult when looking for carpenters, painters, or plumbers. Sometimes, people are afraid to take the service providers into their homes because they cannot trust them. This situation is not limited to the rural areas of the country. Even in the Colombo and suburbs, people struggle when they want to get these types of jobs done quickly.
Our client wanted to address the challenges of increasing demand for skilled workers in different parts of the country.

The objectives of the project

Our client approached us with the idea of creating one platform that connects both the service providers and clients. The following are the key objectives that were identified at the beginning of the project.

  • Connect skilled laborer’s with the customers
  • Uplift the living standards of the rural communities
  • Enhance visibility for different service sectors

The Web Lankan team made a web application to connect service providers and customers. With this platform, the service providers can easily get themselves registered on the web application and create an account in their name. Any service provider from any district is able to register on and browse through numerous job opportunities. Mostly, service providers from rural areas are registered. When they get registered, they have a profile of their own. They can log into the profile and can manage their profiles. Users can change their registered details such as their working district, working areas, working hours, working days, and the best time to contact them, even after they have entered this information during the registration process.


Before getting registered at there is a screening process that involves checking various requirements. To register on, service providers must submit a variety of documents. These include a police and village officer report, letters detailing professional experiences, and other documents related to educational and professional qualifications.This enhances the trustworthiness of the service providers and the customers can obtain their service without any doubt. Service providers on need to pay a registration fee and a monthly subscription fee to use the platform. One of the major benefits of this platform is that customers can find the best person who matches their requirements. They can compare the profiles of the available labourers and select the person who agrees with their budget. Customers can find the right person for their needs easily by checking the profile. It shows details like skills, working district, working areas, working hours, working days, and the best time to call.

Process of the web application

Service providers who wish to promote their service should click the “register” button on the home page and go to the registration page. To register on, you need to provide your full name, profile description, profile photo, date of birth, NIC, two contact numbers (personal and work), address (including district and city), working details (including district and city), service area, professional qualifications, work experiences, working hours, working days, preferred time to be contacted, and any other relevant information. These details will be checked and verified by the management team along with reports from the police and village officer. After the details are verified, you can create an account and advertise your service.


If you are a customer, you can easily search for what you are looking for on the web application. On the home page of the web application, all the service categories are displayed. You can select the service category that you are looking for and all the available labourers come up. You can also search by name of the service provider. You can contact the person directly by calling him or her and discussing the job. This web application allows you to easily access emergency services for vehicles. These services include help with vehicle emergencies, breakdowns, tire problems, vehicle recovery after an accident, and ambulance services. There are more than 35 service categories and more than 1000 registered profiles on the web application. The management team can add any number of service categories or registered profiles to this web application.

The technologies used in the web application

The web application features enhanced responsiveness and easy navigation. The web application was developed using the latest technology such as NodeJS, React JS and Mongo DB. UI design was implemented to reflect the brand identity.

Benefits of this project

As the service providers and the customers can directly contact each other, they can find the most suitable person to benefit both companies. has created many job opportunities, especially within rural communities, enhancing their lifestyle.